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Do you need advice on cloud services, do you want your calendar and appointments to be available on your PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device simultaneously?, do you want to be able to update on one device and sync to the others?. Would you like files and documents to be available wherever you go? - give us a call at Activ Web Design Hull and we can offer advice and support. We can help you install and setup your devices and software.

Activ Web Design Hull's Cloud Services include:

  • Shared Calendar(s)/Scheduling across devices

  • Email pickup on any device

  • Files and documents available on all devices

  • Synchronisation of all of the above

If you would like help with these or any other services please contact Activ Web Design Hull on 07850 009750 or email Dave Rowland.

Activ Web Design Hull for all your online and spcial media requirements.