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What is Social Media Management

Used successfully, social media management can help to increase a company's visibility, improve loyalty amongst existing customers, as well as acquire new customers. At Codespinner we help you achieve all of these goals by developing social media management strategies that position your company in front of your audiences, listen to what they are saying and encourage dialogue.

We will help you with your social media in the following key areas:

Develop a Strategy

We will help you develop a social media management strategy which not only has your business and marketing objectives at its core but delivers against them.
The strategies we develop are based on an understanding of how to best measure social media. we also consider, understand and respect your existing organisational workings, and help you understand the impact that social media is having on your search engine rankings we develop social media strategies in conjunction with our SEO team to improve your company's search performance.


We have developed an innovative and comprehensive social media auditing approach to help you understand where you stand in terms of influence and your performance in social media. We use our approach to understand where you are positioned in terms of social media, and to benchmark you against your competitors.
Using a combination of analytic tools and a highly professional consultative approach, we help you listen to the conversations throughout social media relevant to your company and generate insight that will assist you across your business.


We increase your visibility online by building up a dialogue with the people that matter to you, we do this by engaging with your customers, managing social network properties and developing relevant and interesting stories and content.

Our programmes are built to protect and enhance your company's reputation, as well as communicate your offerings and marketing messages.
We approach this strategically, and start by building up a database of customers and whom we engage with on an on-going basis.